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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool Can Help You Crawl Up the Rankings

Businesses in the current era are investing their time, effort, and resources and Search Engine Optimization, but do all businesses know all the right SEO tools to invest in? Reverse IP Domain Checker is a useful tool that not all businesses know about, especially the ones who are new to the world of SEO and understanding rankings. It is a tool that helps identify how many other domains are sharing the same server or IP address as yours.

There is another SEO tool called “My IP Address” that you can use to find your IP address and all other related information, like other domains and DNS, which you may need for the right analysis in combination with the use of Domain IP Lookup Tool.

How does Reverse IP Domain Checker work?

Websites have their domain names, and each domain name has its IP address. The IP address, in turn, has a server at the end. IP addresses and servers may be hosting multiple websites at a time. The Reverse Domain IP Address Lookup Checker finds out how many other websites are being served by the same server or sharing the same IP address.

All you need to do is to put your domain name into the tool, and it will generate the domains of all other websites in the results of this analytical tool.

How does Domain IP Lookup help in improving ranking?

Are you wondering why you need to check the number of websites sharing the same IP address or server? This is important because the websites that share the same IP address do impact each other’s’ ranking greatly.

SEO experts often mistakenly assume that the reason behind lower ranking is the higher number of domains sharing an IP address, which is not the case. They keep using the server status checker, assuming there is probably a problem with the server that is causing low ranking.

The indicator that gives you the right interpretation here is not the “number” of websites shown in the result of Reverse IP Domain Checker, rather it is the “quality” of these websites. If any of the other websites sharing the same IP address or server have malicious content or are categorized as spam, this will negatively affect your ranking on Google and other search engines.

What causes the creation of low-quality content?

What kind of websites do you think these maybe that can cause you low ranking? Since a higher number of backlinking is considered a smarter SEO approach, some websites often get into the scam of creating fake domains or dummy websites in an attempt to inflate the ranking across search engines. Instead of doing good, it creates a worse effect because of the presence of even smarter SEO techniques like Reverse IP Domain Lookup.

So what do you need to do?

Wrongly identifying the “number” of websites as an indicator, businesses further make a mistake of shifting to IP addresses will lesser domains on it. This may or may not solve the problem always because this is not what you need to work on.

Since it is the quality of the websites that share the IP address with your domain is what needs to be checked, you can either report the websites that are scam or have malicious content to the server or shift to a server or an IP addresses with only the credible domains sharing it.

Another way to check for the quality of other websites that might be affecting your ranking negatively is to use Backlink Checker to make sure that the other websites that point to one of your webpages do not have any kind of scam or objectionable content.

Thus this tool together with the Reverse IP Domain Checker can be utilized to look for the quality-oriented aspects affecting your website’s ranking.