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Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

What is the Importance of the Server Status Checker tool?

Do you want to know how quickly the server reacts to load a page? However, the time of loading a page is a ranking factor, and it is important to view their status and response time. The server status checker tool helps you to check the status of the website and determines either the website is online or offline.

What is a server status checker?

It is a tool that enables you to see the response/status of the webserver when the user is requesting the page. However, it allows you to check website status, for instance, if the site is reachable or not. This is a simple, easy to use and accurate tool that takes up the bulk of input of up to 100 URLs.

You can keep an eye on the status of your ideal websites, easily determine if there is any problem, and can stay update when the server is down. If the server is not reachable, it will display the message “could not connect to URL” and if the page is reachable, you will see the HTTP status code of the page. Similarly, you can also use the DNS record tool to Find DNS records of the website.

Server status checker tool

Importance of server status checker

To keep yourself updated that either the website is working or not, it is necessary to make use of this tool. It will indicate immediately and check website availability. A website that is not approachable for its users is disadvantageous, especially when it comes to the ranking of the website. The main purpose of the website is to help us by providing helpful information. In addition to that, the Alexa rank checker is convenient to check the website's popularity.

Hence, it will fail if the website is out of reach and not viewable due to some practical issues. This tool checks the website down, and if the website server stops down for a longer period, then it severely affects its SEO ranking.

It plays a crucial part in checking various issues relevant to your website as it check server status, it will display the HTTP status code and each server status code comprises a distinctive meaning. Some of the status codes with their meanings are mentioned below:

  • 200: It shows that the status of your site is satisfactory and perfectly working.
  • 301: It shows that the address of your site is shifted to another address permanently with all the domains and subdomains.
  • 302: It means that a server has set up a site redirection temporarily, and it must be utilized again as it is temporary.
  • 307: It is similar to 302.
  • 400: It means a bad request that the server is not incapable of understanding the URL you are requesting.
  • 401: It indicates unauthorized access.
  • 403: You have no access to this page it indicates that.
  • 404: Error shows means page not found
  • 410: It is similar to 404.
  • 500: It indicates that your server is down.

How can you use the server status checker tool?

A server status checker is a user-friendly tool that is very easy to use. You just have to provide a URL or link that you want to check on a provided box. It will check if the website server is down. Similarly, it also checks its HTTP code, which can specify the status of a website.

But make sure you write a complete URL and can enter up to 10 domains but in a separate line. You can also use the online ping website tool to check that the website has new content.

If you own a website or SEO expert, you need to speed up the server status of your website. Therefore, to check the status, this tool will come in handy by just inserting your URL and submit to get results instantly.

The best part of the server status checker is that it allows you to check a bulk of status at one time. So, what are you waiting for? Just try out this tool, which is quick and makes your life easier.