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About URL Encoder and Decoder

How Online URL Encoder and Decoder contribute towards SEO?

The URL encoding is such a technique used for query string called the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier). You can use an online URL encoder and decoder for some special symbols to get the encoding and decoding job done and get the desired results from this SEO Tool.

It is also commonly identified as URL encoding, but it is utilized inside the core set of a uniform resource identifier containing both the uniform resource name and uniform resource locator.

What do URL encoding and decoding refer to?

It refers to the encoding of some specific characters through a uniform resource locator. The URL encoding is an easy two-step procedure where the character string gets encoded in a sequence of bytes.

Further, each byte other than an ASCII letter or digit, which gets converted into hexadecimal value. The characters required to be altered switched with a % symbol and also a two-digit hexadecimal value that specifies the characters in a suitable ISO character set.

Benefits of online URL encoder and decoder

The benefits of online URL encoding and online URL decoding, when combined with other free SEO tools such as Redirect Checker and various others, are highly useful while adding these specific characters to the URL parameter that usually goes by the name of percent-encoding.

Users can replace non-permitted symbols with a percentage sign, including additional hexadecimal values. Online URL decoder also works if the purpose is to categorize an email campaign or even any source of some newsletter. 

URL encoder and decoder

Safe and free online encoding and decoding

The communications are made with a safe SSL encoded network (https). The existing uploaded files are deleted from the server instantly after they are being processed. The downloaded file is erased after the first try to download or after fifteen minutes if you are inactive. The contents of the data being entered or the files that are uploaded by you aren’t kept or saved in any way.

Purpose of designing this online URL encoder and decoder tool

Previously users were used to encoding the special URL characters manually to encode string characters. It was a dreadful task that usually displayed results with human error. This tool is developed entirely for your convenience and to get this job done within seconds.

It is free to use, and no such software is required to be downloaded to get this job done.

Reserved characters

At times some characters have special meanings, and an online URL encoder lets them maintain a special sequence of characters. Whereas, if the reserved symbols have a particular purpose in a particular setting, the URL scheme commands directs that it is URL encoded. The URL encoding transfer characters in corresponding values in ASCII. The new value led by % is used in the URL rather than the reserved characters.

URL encoding schemes

With the availability of several SEO tools such as Domain Authority Checker with various benefits, Online URL encoder decoder schemes can be used with several encoding schemes such as:

  • Unicode Encoding: Unicode encoding is consistent upon two types, which include UTF-8 and 16-bit.
  • Hex Encoding: in this form of encoding a hex value is used against a character in hex encoding. The demonstration of a string “toolsisseek” in hex encoding is “746F6F6C73697365656B”.
  • HTML Encoding: The HTML encoding technique is used for the encoding of HTML characters while using the ASCII code. It is used to prepare data and HTML submission through data in the HTTP application.
  • Base-64 Coding: the basic use of Base-64 encoding is used for the HTTP authentication to validate the credentials of users. The demonstration of “toolsisseek” in Base64 is “dG9vbHNpc2Vlaw==”.