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How Can Page Size Checker Come In Handy?

If you don’t know how Page Size Checker can help you regarding better SEO, you are definitely missing out a lot. This simple and user-friendly tool, as the name suggests, is primarily used to check the web page size for any given URL.

In the 21st century, when everything is so fast-paced that no internet user has the time to wait too long for a webpage that takes too long to load. This is a common problem that occurs that the size of your website is not right and hence results in a high bounce rate.

Generally speaking, the ideal size of an average web page is around 12KB. This is the size in which your website will load efficiently, quickly, and with minimal issues. Then as you increase the media on your page, such as add images, graphics, flash, videos, etcetera, so will the KB’s shoot up, and thus your webpage size will increase.

So how to know page size which works in perfect harmony with your webpage? The answer is simple and can easily be figured out using this awesome SEO tool!

How to use this Page Size Checker tool?

Using this web page size checker tool is very easy and simple. If you want to find the perfect webpage size for your webpage, then this tool is the best choice as it is made by its developers exclusively for this purpose.

All you need to do is copy the webpage URL that you want to figure out the page size for and paste it in the space provided in the SEO tool. Next, click on the green button the reads “Check” and your work is done!

The SEO tool will, by itself, immediately provide you with the results regarding the perfect webpage size for your webpage corresponding to your given URL in both kilobytes and bytes, and that too in a matter of seconds! To make your website even better and more popular, you can use Keyword Position Checker.

Importance of Page Size Checker

The success of any website is directly related to its performance. This means that the time which it takes to open your webpage will ultimately decide the success of your webpage, and the best way to control the time it takes to open your webpage is by managing its page size, for which you need this SEO tool.

The importance of a page size checker for your webpage is that it will ultimately improve the performance of your webpage and hence ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

To make your customers even happier, you should make sure that all the content you add to your webpage is unique so that you aren’t just wasting precious space. To ensure this, you can use a Plagiarism Checker.

Incase if your web host has limited space, then first you need to find a new web host. Second, you need to keep in check and choose wisely the space you are using on your webpage. To keep your bounce rate low, you need to make choices and decide wisely what kind of content and media you want to add to your webpage. To limit the amount of written content on your webpage, you can use our tool Word and Character Counter.

Benefits of this Web Page Size Checker Tool

  • Saves efforts and time

By using this awesome Free SEO Tool, you don’t have to worry about manually calculating the page size of each domain. Simply enter the URL in the SEO tool, and your work will be done in a matter of seconds.

  • Easy on the pocket

Using this free tool will, without a doubt, save you a lot of money

  • Reduces bounce rate

When you use Page size checker tool to determine the best size for your webpage, you are automatically working towards lowering the bounce rate of your particular webpage. After using this SEO tool, your web page will load faster, and hence your bounce rates will reduce to a minimal!